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The Education Advancement Fund International is an international non-profit organization that assists in: education exchange, cultural understanding, global education reform, and gender equity.

The events of 9/11 brought into our collective consciousness the reality that many around the world maintained negative opinions of America and Americans. To Kate Zhou, political science professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, who was born and raised during the height of Mao Zedong’s revolution, it was easy to see how ignorance could compel individuals to harbor contempt for others. Feeling troubled by the events of 9.11 Professor Zhou concluded that the best way to increase cultural tolerance was through cultural exchanges about the virtues and values shared by Americans and like minded societies. As a result of this belief, Professor Zhou decided to devote her time and energy to creating a non-profit organization that would promote English language education and cultural exchanges in China and other corners of the world.

Dr. Kate Zhou

In the Spring of 2002 Professor Zhou and five other American educators traveled to West Hunan to assess the region as a possible site for their new organization. Upon arrival they were surprised to discover that the majority of the people in Hunan maintained positive views of Americans and almost all wanted to travel and study in the United States. The welcoming nature of the people of Hunan, and their desire to learn more about America, compelled Professor Zhou and her colleagues to establish the non-profit organization Education Advancement Fund International (EAFI) in June of 2002.

Since its founding EAFI has initiated various programs aimed at furthering its mission of facilitating international education exchange, cultural understanding, global education reform, and gender equality in education by assisting poor, minority, and learning disabled students to overcome financial barriers to appropriate education.

周晓祖籍保靖,出生于一个普通知识份子家庭, 父亲周明琛是中国地质大学英语教授,母亲雷勇是俄语教师.于同时代的青年人一样上山下乡,在工厂接受再教育”.粉碎四人帮后,周晓于1978年考入武汉大学外语系主修英语文学. 并于1982年获学士学位任教于中南财经大学.1983-1984周晓考入北京第一外国语学院研修生. 1986年考入美国德州农业大学社会关系攻读硕士. 1989年获硕士学位后,考入美国普林斯顿大学并于1992年获硕士1994年获国际政治博士学位. 1994年至今任教与美国夏威夷大学.并在1999年周晓当上终身教授. 周晓是中国大陆美国华人中唯一进入美国政界主流的人物. 2000 年当选为美国共和党全国代表大会党代表.她自己的话来说,就是让她学会用谦逊的心态老看待身边的一切人和事,并且教她学会了如何与人打交道,而不是象很多初来美国的中国人一样只会怨天尤人.
周教授2002年创建美国教育发展基金会,并从2003年开始在故乡湘西开展教育发展工作,先后向湘西地区选送外教近三十名.过周教授的帮助,保靖及吉首地区近几十名学生和教师曾去美国访问.周教授还派美国志愿者去保靖义教. 周晓身上有一种坚定的人的力量,一种爱和光明的力量. 感染了他们.这种中国人特有的人格魅力让他们钦佩.因为他们明白了自己所要做的是一项爱的事业.爱的事业的源泉便是周晓.她用自己的行为说明她爱美国也深深地爱着中国,在异乡深深地爱故乡.乡在她的生活中成了远方.而远方就是她的心,也成了那些义工心的一部分.远方除了遥远更有周晓的根,她跳动的心在那里.周教授从财力人力上帮助保靖侨头幼儿园和保靖民中. 2005年保靖县有三十几个家境贫困的学生得到基金会的奖学金,在湘西地区六十名学生得到奖学金.2006年到今,在台商王昱民和微软高级工程师陈启瑞的领导下,有几百多的保靖, 怀化,云南,四川凉山学生得到信,,爱奖学金.

Brief Organizational History:

The Education Advancement Fund International is voluntary in nature . With limited family and friends funding, we have done the following work:

  1. Set up a program of Teaching Civics and Western Civilization for Secondary School Teachers in Tu Jia and Miao regions in 2002 (so far 800 teachers per year attend the training program);
  2. Set up oral English and American studies classes in 20 schools in rural Hunan for minority students, affecting 150,000 K-12 students;
  3. Provided scholarships to 30 disadvantaged students to pay for their tuition and food;
  4. Set up a lunch program so that poor families can send kids to school;
  5. Helped to set up an exchange between Punahou School and Baojing Minority schools; three students and three teachers came to Punahou for a short training session while Punahou sent 25 students and 5 teachers to Baojing Minor School for two weeks of cultural study in 2004;
  6. Set up two English summer camps in Jishou and Baojing in 2002 and 2003 with 1200 minority Chinese high school students and 15 American college and graduate students participating;
  7. Set up a minority women training school in Jishou in Spring 2005;
  8. Set up a program for Economic Institution Building to protect poor people’s property rights in Baojing, Hunan in 2004;
  9. Set up a health and environmental education program in Jishou School system in 2004;
  10. Set up 5 summer camps to teach civics and English in Benxi, Jishou, Baojing, Beijing and Yunnan in summer 2004;
  11. We have sent 30 Americans to teach in poor regions in China and developed a good reputation.
  12. Set up Stop Sex Selected Abortion in China Project by provinding financial help to mothers and baby girls for training and education;
  13. Set up an eye care program in Jishou Teachers’ College in 2003;
  14. Set up an annual civics education winter camp in Honolulu, with the participation of selected students from China in Feb. 2005;
  15. Set up a stop smoking education program in May 2005;
  16. In 2005,we will set up a summer camp for Chinese Muslim students.
  17. Set up nurses without borders in Benxi and Wuhan in 2005;
  18. Set up reserch center on rule of law and regional studies in Shanghai in 2005;
  19. Set up 3 summer camps for international cultural exchange in 2005;
  20. Set up winter camp on rule of law in Honolulu in 2006.